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CHARLIE (Now Charlie Bananas)

We adopted a cat from your facility 4-5 years ago called Charlie (Charlie Banannas)-he has brought us a lot of joy! As promised, here is an updated photo of him. :)

All the best, Chris and Jean

GRAMPS (Formerly Riley)

Hi Kristen! As you can see, I'm very happy in my new home in Georgia with my brother Barney. My Dad is trying to convince Mom to let us adopt Dadd....we have 4 acres to roam and it's very peaceful here.

I miss you and all my friends at Adopt a Dog!

WINSTON (Formerly Blaze)

I thought you might enjoy some pics of Blaze (now known as Winston).  Jason and I couldn't be happier with him, and  he is exactly the character that we were hoping for.  He is healthy and over 30 pounds at 16 weeks!  Thank you again for your help in finding us our new best friend!

Best, Lisa

REILLY (formerly Hubby)

Thank you for your message. "Hubby" as you knew him is doing wonderfully. We renamed him Reilly and he has been a part of our family for about 16 months now. Needless to say, we fell in love with him the minute we met him in the kennel and have loved him more and more every day since. He's a happy, healthy, playful dog who loves to cuddle. He and our older dog, Bailey, have a lot of noisy, rambunctious fun together and like to wrestle, play tug of war and bark at anyone who walks by the house. This past January our fuzzy children were joined by one of the human variety and Reilly is so gentle and protective of the baby. I think they are going to grow up to be partners in crime! The baby is just starting to discover the dogs and Reilly just lays on the rug and let's the baby pet him, even when the "petting" is not as gentle as we might hope!  We are so happy he is a part of our family and we tell anyone thinking about getting a dog that they should adopt and that Adopt A Dog should be their first visit. We can't say enough about what a wonderful organization it is.

All the best, Magee and Andy



Mark and I can't thank you and the folks at Adopt-A-Dog enough for our beautiful new friend, Carlie.  She and our other dog, Dexter have been inseparable.  She is really starting to warm up after a slow start.  Everywhere she goes, she makes new friends.  We are so grateful for your dedication and your sensitivity to adopting your dogs to the best fit homes.

 With Warmest Regards and Happy Tails, Danielle, Mark, Dexter & Carlie

COOPER (now Ichabod)

Just wanted to let you know that Ichabod, who was Cooper at the rescue, is doing very well.  He is slowly starting to trust people and we are going to see a trainer who works with fearful dogs.  He LOVES to play with other dogs (especially Fergus (Duke) who we also adopted from you) and is extremely affectionate with his people whom he has chosen.


Well its almost a year since we brought our beautiful Cody home (may 13Th). As you can see from this picture-he is so tense- can't relax-HaHa!!  We are working slowly but surely to gain his trust. Because he is so very smart-he has learned how to survive the puppy mill-and now we have to assure him that those skills are not needed here in "Cody's House". Thank you Adopt-A-Dog for all the beautiful pets that you save. Our Cody being one of them. As you can see that UNDER weight problem is a thing of the past!!

Hugs for all your good work!!

Joanne and Lenny, Keesha and Cody too!! <3 



Hi Sharon, Kris and the Gang! Just wanted to keep in touch to let you know I'm having a blast.

Miss you all! XoxoBOO





Freida (now PIPPI) (and Barclay)

A picture of Barclay, the white guy, who we got from you in 2009, with his new friend Pippi (as in longstocking), who we just got from you last week.  Thank you so much for your work in saving these animals.

Best Regards, Scott & Laila



I wanted to share this photo of Fergus, aka Demon Baby, with your rescue. I believe he was called 'Duke' when he was with you.  He is loving his new home and his grand-uncle, Oedipus, who is an 11 year old rescue pug. I will send a picture of them sleeping together to follow (though Fergus just looks like a black smudge in it!).  Thanks to Kristen we now have a pug pack!

Sincerely, Andi



Jake is still having a great time in the big city. It's like he's been a New Yorker all his life. I'm so thankful for my new best buddy.

So, thank you again for everything.

All my best, Jason and Jake


Just wanted to send some pictures of Trotsky, nee Buddy, AKA Trots, Buddy, Poopster, and let you know that he's doing much better.  He's been a handful at times but we've been working with multiple trainers and doing everything we can to help him become a happy, well-adjusted dog.  We just finished building a big fence in the backyard so he can run around out back off leash; which he can't get enough of.  He gets at least 3 walks a day and we take him to the park a few times a week so he can play with his friends.  He also gets a 30-45 minute pack walk 3 times a week while we're at work and I usually work from home Fridays so he doesn't have to spend too much time alone.  All in all, Trots is very content here and getting more comfortable and adjusted every day. 

Thanks again! Brett and Katya



here's Humprhey (meant to send this around Valentine's Day)!  We adopted him last Thanksgiving and he has been a wonderful addition to our family. 

If you remember him, you won't be surprised to hear that he didn't make a peep for about 2 weeks after he came home with us.  Now he's very protective of his home and let's us know if anyone outside of our family comes anywhere near by!  He just had a check-up and he's healthy and doing great.

Thanks, Tom


As you may remember by the pictures below I adopted him as Hum Bug 2 ½ lbs.  Well our boy has grown and he is so handsome and still sweet as the 1st time I saw him. He is now almost 13 lbs and a very spoiled and happy doggy.  Can’t you just melt with those big brown eyes!  I am so in love with this doggy.  I can’t thank you enough.

His addition to our family has had such a positive impact on our lives.  My mom is more active because she plays and runs with him everyday making a huge difference in her physical health… I get compliments on how beautiful he is every day.  Shadow loves to play with everyone especially his Grandma and my 4 year old niece.  We all love Shadow dearly… When my boyfriend and I talk about our future he’ll say “We have to go back to Adopt – A – Dog and adopt another dog once we’re married and settled…even if we have to drive all the way to Armonk New York!”


God bless you for having such a great loving atmosphere for these animals and may he continue to bless you all…

With Joy and Love…. Liz



I wanted to share some pictures of Tyke. He is doing just great and we are grateful everyday that he came into our lives. Thank you so much. He is the best and we love him immensely.

Love, Lisa, Vince and Tyke




We have Gemma (pit mix formerly known as Brandy, from Hazel's litter)  She has enriched our lives and made us into a happy little family.  Through your facebook page, I am now in regular contact with the owners of two of her littermates! (Jackson and Gaga) and we all hope to have a reunion.  In fact, Lisa is the "aunt" of Jackson and adopted your Tyke!  She has a very active life with us (exactly what we wanted) ranging from hikes in the woods to camping often and even kayaking.  She is really well rounded, and we have had no problems with any type of aggression. (We've worked very hard with her from the start to ensure this)  I guess all we can say is that we love her so much and are so happy and lucky to have her in our lives.  We wouldn't want it any other way.  :)
Danielle and Nate










We are so in love with our baby boy Kemba (formerly Marco Polo). As we adopted him in full swing of March Madness last year, he was appropriately named after the great former UCONN player, Kemba Walker! :) He is such a sweet and happy boy who has my daughter, son, husband and myself so smitten. And even though I'm sure she wouldn't admit this, even his sister Zoe our Havanese loves having a big brother to play with and boss around!  Kemba is very talkative and has the most endearing greeting when he is happy. Hard to explain, but he purrs!  It's the cutest little "growl" that goes on forever and always makes us smile. Thank you so much for saving him, his mom Hazel and his 10 siblings. We are so blessed to share our lives with this beautiful boy. And if there is ever a chance to have a "family reunion" we would love to hear about Kemba's siblings!!  I've attached some photos...thank you again!!!

XO...The Rivards


Crystal (now LUCY)

We love our girl!!! thanks for everything. We changed crystal's name to lucy, because our other dogs name is Tiffany. They get along great. Thank you so much we love her!!
The Fawcetts



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