Teach Your Dog the "Sit" Command

Teach Your Dog the "Sit" Command

Teaching a dog the "Sit" command

What you'll need:

* Treats
* A collar and leash
* Your dog


1) Find a quiet location, preferable with a fairly comfortable surface for your dog to sit down on.

2) Keep the leash in your hand to prevent your dog from walking away from you.

3) Say your dog's name to grab their attention, then repeat the word "Sit" while also luring your dog's nose back by moving the treat over their head.

4) Reward your dog with the treat each time they get closer to a sit than the last time until they will sit when lured with the treat. Remember to repeat the word "Sit" every few seconds until the dog sits.

5) Then incrementally lessen the lure by luring the dog slightly less each time until the dog will sit upon only hearing the word "Sit".