Foster Program


Foster families are the unsung heroes of dog rescue.
When you open your heart and home to fostering a shelter dog, you’re not just saving one life – you’re saving two.
Your decision to foster creates a vacancy in the shelter, providing another deserving dog the chance to be saved. But the magic doesn’t stop there.
In your care, these dogs experience a world of love, trust, and understanding they may have never known. You provide them with the invaluable skills and experiences needed to thrive in a family setting, teaching them what it’s like to be cherished, spoiled, and truly loved and in turn, making them more easily adoptable.

Please fill out our foster form here, or come to the shelter!

We will match you up with the best dog or puppy suited for your home.

We will set up a time for you to either pick them up or if you have another pet at home, we would bring them to your home to ensure they get along. We will bring all the supplies necessary for a foster such as food, crate, bedding, toys, bowls-the works!

Our Adoptions and Foster team would stay in touch with you while you are fostering to address any questions, concerns, and comments, and when you are nearing the end of your foster-to-adopt, we would set up a time for you to come in and adopt!

If for whatever reason while fostering to adopt you change your mind about the dog you are interested in, please let us know so we can either suggest a new dog or wait to see if a better match comes along. If you choose not to adopt while doing a foster to adopt, we will work with you to help find a better match next time. We would much rather a potential adopter be open with us about what they are looking for so that both the adopter and their new canine family member are in agreement!

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Available to Foster

Foster Program

 By providing a home and care for a foster dog, our fosters are provided with the supplies and support that they need to succeed and to keep fostering well into the future.

There are a few different types of fosters Adopt-A-Dog looks for.

  • Puppies
  • Adult
  • Senior
  • Medical

Fostering: Where Love Saves Two Lives

At Adopt-A-Dog Inc., we recognize that adopting a dog is a significant commitment, and sometimes it can raise concerns. That’s why we offer a Foster to Adopt program, providing a chance to bring a dog into your home. This unique initiative allows you to evaluate how well the dog fits into your lifestyle, how they integrate with other pets you may have, and ensure it’s a harmonious match.

Our Foster to Adopt program is designed to make the decision-making process smoother and less stressful, offering a thoughtful approach so you can feel confident in your choice to provide a forever home for a deserving furry friend. It’s a win-win, creating a more seamless transition for both you and the dog as you embark on this wonderful journey of companionship and love.

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