Grooming & Shedding

Happy May! Due to the warm spring air, dogs are starting to shed their winter coats. This means it’s grooming season for their owners and caretakers.

Grooming can be different from breed to breed. For dogs with short coats, you can usually get away with a bath and towel dry. For dogs with long or dense coats, you will need to spend some more time on their grooming.

Here at Adopt-A-Dog we have a variety of different coats and dogs that need special grooming. For our dogs with double layer coats (German Shepard’s, St. Bernard’s, Pomeranian’s, Chow Chow’s, etc.), we use a Shed Blade. The Shed Blade is great for double layer coats and really gets the job done. If you have a dog with a double coat, it is important to brush them often, to keep them from getting matted.

Our dogs typically get groomed during their afternoon rotations. We will have staff members brush the dogs and sometimes simply pluck the undercoat.

When it comes to bathing, we try to bathe our dogs once a month or as needed (some of our dogs love to play in the mud and make a mess).

Some of our dogs need a more technical cut, like our Pomeranian’s, Shih Tzu’s and Lhasa Apso’s. For these dogs we try to send them to the groomer. One of our favorite local groomers is Wipe Your Paws, located in Mount Kisco.

While brushing and bathing your dog, be sure to check for ticks and fleas. With warm weather come those pesky bugs.

Welcome to shedding season!