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Easter is only a few days away! Easter is another great Holiday to get creative in how you spend time with your pet.

A fun idea we’ve heard in the past is an Easter egg hunt for your dog. While the kids are running around collecting their eggs, your dog can do the same! Use one half of a plastic egg, fill it with some peanut butter and hide them in the yard. Then let your dog’s nose do the rest! Be sure to keep an eye on your dog during the Easter egg hunt to make sure he/she doesn’t get into an egg that has candy.

If you really want your dog to feel like part of the family, make them their own Easter basket. Fill it up with their favorite toys and treats. Then your dog has something to run to in the morning as well.

Shelter pets on Easter

Do you feel like spreading the love on Easter weekend? Shelter pets are always looking for company. Visit your local shelter and spend some time with dogs that do not have a family to celebrate with. Who knows, maybe you’ll meet a dog you want to adopt.

It doesn’t take much to make a shelter pet feel special. Even spending five minutes with a dog, showing them some love, will brighten their day.

At Adopt-A-Dog volunteers can give our adoptable dogs some love by playing with them in the yards, taking them on a walk or even reading to them. The dogs appreciate every volunteer.

Remember to keep those chocolate bunnies out of reach! Happy Easter!