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St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is just 2 days away! So this week we want to help you celebrate your Irish heritage with your dog.

First let’s give a quick shout out to our Irish Breeds: Glen of Imaal, Irish Setter, Irish Terrier, Irish Water Spaniel, Irish Wolfhound, Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, Kerry Beagle and the Kerry Blue Terrier. Happy St. Patrick’s Day to our Irish pups!

When celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, people love to attend parades and enjoy a few of Ireland's finest beverages. While some dogs may enjoy parades, many dogs can get anxious in large crowds. If this is true for your dog, be sure to steer clear of parades and St. Patrick’s Day parties with your pup.

If you plan on having a few of Ireland's finest beverages on St. Patrick’s Day, keep your pup at home or make sure they do not consume any alcohol. Alcohol can cause many health problems for your pet.

Greenwich St. Patrick's Day Parade

On Sunday March 18th, Adopt-A-Dog will be marching in the Greenwich St. Patrick’s Day Parade! The parade will start at 2pm at Town Hall. Be sure to keep an eye out for our Adopt-A-Dog van and adoptable dogs marching in the parade.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all of our Irish followers and fans! Erin go Bragh!