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We’re excited to share that all Stop & Shop stores are now offering the Giving Tag Program! Every time a shopper buys the $2.50 reusable Community Bag at any Stop & Shop store, they can direct a $1 donation to Adopt-A-Dog by using the attached Giving Tag. Visit your local Stop & Shop and pick one up today!

A few tips to keep your pets safe on the 4th of July...

Keep your pets indoors at all times: Loud noises and fireworks can cause panic to your pets, make sure they are in a secure, safe place indoors. Leave your dog at home: Dogs can react badly to the loud and unpredictable sounds of fireworks. The best way to keep your dog safe is to leave them at home away from the crowds and noise.

Keep your dog on leash: By having your dog on leash, you are able to handle them if they get anxious. You would be devastated if your pup ran away out of fear. Keep them on leash with a properly fitted collar that they cannot slip out of.

Are your ID Tags up to date? Check your pets ID Tags, to make sure your information is correct and that they have a microchip.

Play some white noise: Leave some music on for your pup or the television playing. Try to distract them from the noise they will hear outside. Just make sure not to blast the music, they won't appreciate that.

Stay home with your pet: If you can, stay home with your pet. They will appreciate your company especially if they are anxious. This way you are also there for your dog if it does panic.

Visit the vet: If you know your dog gets anxious around this time of the year, visit the vet and see if they can recommend any solution to help calm your pet down.

Exercise: Give your pet lots of exercise before the festivities. This way they hopefully won't have as much energy if they get nervous.

Take them out before the noise: Give your dog their last bathroom run before the fireworks start. You can also feed them early if they get nervous so they have a full belly.

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