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Youth Volunteers

Youth Volunteers

The following are opportunities for kids under 15. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out our Youth Volunteer Application.

Donation Drive

When homeless dogs arrive at our shelter they are showered with toys and comfortable bedding.  These dogs deserve to be given a clean and safe environment where they wait to find their forever home.  By collecting different items from our wish list you are really helping make a difference for the animals at Adopt-A-Dog. 

Community Service Opportunities

Often youth in the community need to accomplish service projects. The following are opportunities available at the shelter.

Wish List Collections

  • Bake Sales
  • Car Washes
  • Tag Sales
  • Towel/Sheets/Blanket Drive
  • Toy Drives
  • Bake dog treats
  • DIY Dog Beds and Toys

Sponsor A Dog In Need

Collect donations from your family and friends and support a dog at our shelter.  Choose a dog to sponsor and find out what toys/bedding/food he or she likes!  Create a flyer for the dog to post around your community to help find them a home!

Dog Tails 

Ages 10+

Bring your favorite book to Adopt-A-Dog and read to our furry friends! 

Help at our offsite events

Youth volunteers can help out at our offsite events and help raise money and spread awareness of our organization.  Youth volunteers must be supervised by an adult while at these events.

Dog Socialization

Volunteers ages 16 and 17 can participate in our Dog Socialization Program with a parent/guardian present.

Our dogs love the company of people and it is good for them to be around new faces to help them socialize. At our shelter we have different areas for the dogs where you will be able to socialize and play with them, whether that be a game of fetch to get them moving, or giving the dogs the attention they deserve!