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April is arguably one of the most beautiful dogs at our shelter. We think she is some sort of Hound mix and she is around 7 years old. Her spirit and active personality open up once she gets to know you. She is a fan of other dogs, and has even lived with cats before. April is part of our advanced obedience program, so our Adoptions Coordinator can speak to you further about her personality and see if she could be a great fit!


April’s journey with Adopt-A-Dog began in October of 2015. She came from the Ross County Humane Society in Ohio, and as she settled in we saw how fearful April was and that she would need a lot of confidence-building in order to make her more comfortable in both a home and the outside world. Despite that, we were able to get April adopted within the month, with her family immediately beginning training with us we thought April landed in the right home. After a few months, the family contacted us and decided April was not the right fit for them. During her first couple of weeks back with us, we noticed some behavioral changes in April, including a more reserved and uneasy nature when it came to meeting strangers. Our main goal was to build her trust and confidence around people and once over that hurdle, we realized how desperately this gorgeous girl wanted to please her people. 

Coming back into our shelter was not the ideal environment for April’s health, so we knew right away that we had to get her a friend. We matched her with a dog named Sora and the best part of April’s day was getting out in the yard with her best friend. This confidence boost of being around another dog led April to be placed in foster with one of our staff members. In that home, she was with three other dogs and we were able to really understand her hesitation with people. As her fosters gained her trust, April built more confidence knowing that they would not hurt her.  

For April’s adoption, her new family would have to meet her several times and come to learn the excellent training she has learned here at Adopt-A-Dog. Along with her fear-based behavior, April does resource guard from other dogs and humans. Our trainer and Shelter and Behavior Manager would equip any family with the training they need and we would follow up with training after adoption to ensure April and her new family’s success.

 An ideal home for April would be one with owners who understand and have experience with fearful dogs and can help build a trusting and lasting relationship with her. We know that this home is out there and April cannot wait to find it!

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE and you can get pre-approved for adoption! Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.