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  • AGE:  2 Years Old
  • SEX:  Spayed Female
  • BREED: Hound Mix
  • WEIGHT:   60 lbs. 
  • SOURCE:  Transferred from Fayette County Animal Shelter
  • DOG FRIENDLY:  Yes, with the right match!
  • CAT FRIENDLY: Can test as needed
  • AGES: Elementary School Aged 


Meet Bo Peep!

Not named for the quintessential storybook character, our girl Bo was named as part of one of the greatest animated love stories of all time; that of Sheriff Woody and Bo Peep. Found together as strays, Bo Peep and Sheriff Woody were brought to our rescue partner in West Virginia and it quickly became apparent that they were bonded. Bo Peep by herself is a super sweet and cuddly Hound who takes every opportunity to roll over for a belly rub. We recently had her at a few off-site events and she does awesome with adults and kids of all ages. With her Sheriff, she is even more playful and exuberant and they mirror each other in their body language and frequent shared kisses (it is a love fest every time, all the time). 

To top it off, both Bo Peep and Sheriff are Heartworm positive which makes their love story even more involved. Some downtime and quiet rest while they receive their Heartworm treatment is what they need and since they are a pair they are very easily entertained by one another. These two deserving dogs are looking for a foster or adoptive home that can keep them together, which is where they would love to be.


If you are interested in adopting Bo Peep, please complete an ONLINE APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.