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Boo! We're just kidding, there's nothing spooky about how great this lady is! Boo is one of those dogs that is able to capture your heart immediately; she has the makings of a grade-A snuggler and you can tell within moments of meeting her that she is ready to follow you home. We like to shower our dogs with treats, toys and anything we spot in the dog section in HomeGoods that we think they need but Boo is looking for that extra TLC as she is deaf. That means her adopters will be getting a special dog in many ways! Stats-wise, Boo is 6 years old and clocking in at 63 pounds so she has plenty of love to give. Her bubbly, sweet personality would lend itself great to a home with older kids who can keep the cuddles coming. She would love to be your one and only pet at the moment, so that you can give her all the pets. Don't wait, contact us today to meet Boo!

No ifs, ands, or Boos about it, Boo is one special lady! We had the pleasure of knowing Boo the last few years as she started her journey with our rescue partner the Mt. Vernon Animal Shelter. She not only had many friends there but also had a wide internet following of people just hoping to help this sweet girl find a home of her own. They all saw just what a gem she was and how ready she was to be adopted which is where we come in!
Boo is deaf which means that while she can't hear you tell her what a good girl she is, she can certainly feel it. She has been in foster from the day we had her join Adopt-A-Dog and her foster has been able to see firsthand how awesome she is: house-trained, crate-trained and a willing dispensary of kisses, cuddles and naps on the couch. She is a true sun bather and will gladly join any family BBQ (just make sure you make her a Boo-sized burger!).
If you are a fan of dogs with a larger-than-life personality and are ready to learn how to say "That's a good girl!" in sign language, Boo might just be the dog for you!

If you are interested in adopting Boo, please complete an ONLINE APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.