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Buffalo Bill

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Buffalo Bill is one dapper dude: handsome, charismatic and with a winning smile he is able to charm everyone he meets! We think Buffalo is a 5 year-old Staffy/Collie mix, which means he is full of personality and ready to bowl you over with charm. He would do fantastic in a home with teenagers to take him out to the park, or on car rides. Buffalo does great with the right dog pairing, and enjoys play-dates. He is in our obedience and training program which is helping to prepare him for a home of his own. Read more about Buffalo Bill below!

Buffalo Bill is probably the most aptly-named dog we have had in awhile. He does closely resemble a buffalo from the neck up, and the rest of him is pure Collie. This dog is one of the smartest and loyal dogs around and is determined to prove that to his people with every command he masters. While Buffalo does closely resemble Ron Swanson, this guy is usually a lot more playful and fun than his doppelganger. Buffalo Bill is a clever dog and he would excel at any obedience classes his family enrolled him in.

Not wiling to be outdone by his peers, Buffalo has been a frequent fixture at our events and thrives on getting all of the attention and belly rubs from his new friends. He is incredibly sociable and does well when out and about and could easily be your companion on coffee runs or on a hike. When getting to know new people, Buffalo can be stubborn and does great when you take the time to get to know him and build a relationship. Going on walks, learning new commands and feeding him treats are pretty much the way to this guy's heart. He is worth the effort and is one devoted guy with friends. For example, one of our volunteers has been bringing him for car rides recently and he will go running when he sees her coming! Buffalo is one special dog, and we would love to see him take a ride into the sunset with his new family.

Our vision of Buffalo Bill in a home is him by his family's side through every adventure, probably frowning (it's just his face) but enjoying every minute!


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