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Do you start your day with a cup of coffee? Two creams and two sugars? We recommend you skip the cup and start all your days Adopt-A-Dog style with a tangy mixed blend named Cafe! We were first introduced to Cafe when he was just a young puppy who found himself abandoned at one of our partner shelters. He was very ill and received life-saving emergency medical care for two weeks, and just like a great cup of coffee, he came back even stronger. Once he received the all-clear, our partners transported him up to us to assist him on his road to recovery.

As a puppy, you couldn't deny the adorableness that was his wobbly legs and floppy ears, but as we got to know him, we noted Cafe would need a family willing to offer structure and guidance to teach and nurture a well-balanced dog. We are unsure what Cafe's past experiences were like, but they were during such an important stage in a puppy’s life. His true nature mixed in with his poor experiences hindered him in ways we knew he would need careful guidance to overcome. Cafe was adopted, and he loved his new life very much, but as he continued to grow physically and mentally mature, his family realized their lifestyles just were not the right blend. He found himself back in our care and desperate for a new direction in life. Cafe is an enthusiastic boy that, if left to his own devices, will cause a bit of trouble, but when pointed in the right direction, that lively spirit can be used for so much good. He will tackle any agility course equipment with such eagerness so that you can give him a bit of praise. He has flourished with us in our training program, and the skills he has learned will help him and his new family enjoy many fun adventures together. He truly does rely on one of his trusted humans to show him that something he might not have ever been exposed to before is safe to touch, explore, and possibly enjoy. Café loves people and will give you lots of love. He does need someone willing to continue his training so he can flourish in a home. Café is looking to be your one and only at this time but will give you all the love you want. A home with older teenagers would be the best fit for Café.

If you find yourself in need of an instant energy boost this robust blend just might be the pick for you!

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an application and you can get pre-approved for adoption! Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.