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  • AGE: 1 Year Old
  • SEX: Neutered Male
  • BREED: English Bulldog
  • WEIGHT: 38 lbs.
  • SOURCE: Owner Surrender
  • DOG-FRIENDLY: Best as only pet
  • CAT-FRIENDLY: Best as only pet
  • AGES: 12+

Crumpet Recipe: How to Make the Best Crumpet!

by kennelkitchenfoodie23


-1 cup boundless enthusiasm

-2/3 cup of adorable wagging nubbin tail

-2 tablespoons any treat you can find

-pinch of absolute cuteness

Instructions: Gather all of your ingredients and bring them to the nearest yard. Begin by saying "Crumpet! Come here!". Make sure you are sitting down for this step as this Crumpet will come bounding over faster than his little legs would have you think. Once you have your Crumpet nearby, make sure to start giving him full-body scratches (you must scratch his back or he will not bake fully). After several minutes of this scratching, feed the Crumpet the 2 tablespoons of treats. The trick here is to not have both tablespoons out at the same time as you run the risk of losing Crumpet's attention. Some find it easier to have a tennis ball on hand for extra-excited Crumpet, but the treats are perfect for the classic Crumpet recipe. Once you are done, make sure to get at least one Crumpet kiss and head back!

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