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  • AGE:  4 Years Old
  • SEX:  Spayed Female
  • WEIGHT: 55 lbs.
  • BREED: Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  • SOURCE:  Transferred from Manhattan ACC
  • DOG FRIENDLY: Potentially, with the right fit!
  • CAT FRIENDLY:  Can Test Upon Request
  • AGES: High Schoolers

Many of our followers are familiar with Elfie’s story and how she came to Adopt-A-Dog. This resilient and spirited dog had suffered for most of her life, left tied to a pole and picked up by Manhattan ACC. The physical condition Elfie was in was nothing short of appalling, and when our staff saw her at ACC they knew we had to take her and give her a chance at having an incredible life.

Since May of last year, the Adopt-A-Dog staff and volunteers have been working on the whole Elfie; her physical and mental health. Her early days were spent getting the love and affection that she probably went without for most of her life. Elfie was not able to move too much when she first came due to her skin condition, and the staff would sit by her side and just pet her constantly. As the bits of Elfie’s past physically slid away, her infectious and fun personality began to shine through. Elfie is a force to be reckoned with now, as she is a natural at having her picture taken and can be pretty bossy when you’re not giving her treats fast enough (don’t tell her I said that!). She likes muffins and toys, and curling up in her bed at night.

For any living creature to have been through what Elfie has been through, it is incredible how much spirit and love she has for the humans around her. Her gratitude for having a new lease on life pales in comparison to the excitement we have for her to find her forever home!

If you are interested in adopting, please complete an ONLINE APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.