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  • AGE: 10 Years Old
  • SEX: Neutered Male
  • BREED: Husky Mix
  • WEIGHT: 70 lbs. 
  • SOURCE: Owner Surrender
  • DOG-FRIENDLY: Potentially, with the right fit!
  • CAT-FRIENDLY: Not Recommended
  • AGES: High Schoolers


Frankie has a face that elicits “awww”s and looks that could stop traffic, with a personality that endears him to anyone who meets him. Billed as a total sweetheart, Frankie definitely lives up to the moniker. Frankie is a  senior gentleman who has a lively disposition and can outrun most of his four- and two-legged friends but does prefer to run to your side as opposed to running around the yard.

Frankie has had an unusual history with us at Adopt-A-Dog, having been adopted out twice in 2009 and then again in 2015. For any dog, having the security of a loving family and home taken away from them is a hard blow to bear and Frankie has dealt with it twice. Our quest is to find Frankie a forever home that he can enjoy his senior years in. When Frankie bonds with people it is for life, and we would love nothing more than to see Frankie bond with his forever family!

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