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If you are a fan of large, goofy dogs, you might want to make yourself the burger to this Fry! Topping in at close to 90 pounds and at 3 years of age, Fry is an XL side. He may not be the most athletic (or coordinated) but he would certainly get a participation trophy for his skills on the field. Football, soccer, baseball you name it, Fry will try it! He would do great in a home with another well-matched dog and kids-wise he would love to live with teenagers. Find out more below on this not-so-small Fry!

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Fry came to our shelter when his original family could not handle his size. At the time, he had not reached a year old, so he still had both growing and learning to do. We began working with Fry on basic obedience and manners when it came to both people and other dogs. The Fry we have today has come a long way from the Fry we first met, and we know he is ready to show off for his very own family. When making new friends, Fry typically needs a bit more time to get comfortable and know someone. Once he has spent some time with you and has been feed a copious amount of treats, Fry will be your best bud.

Here at Adopt-A-Dog, Fry serves the role of class goofball very well. Effusive in his love for his friends and in every experience he has, Fry is one of a kind. He takes to new experiences, such as learning how to play soccer or football or going for a ride in the Adopt-A-Dog van, with an enthusiasm that cannot be matched. He truly is a unique dog and has most of his human friends saying "Oh, Fry!" or "That's Fry for you" whenever he does something just a bit more awkward than his counterparts.

All this big guy needs in a home is a willingness to get slobbered on, followed by tons of comfortable places to sleep and stretch out. Fry could potentially live with the right dog; our team will do a meet and greet if there are other dogs in the home to make sure they would be the right fit. Due to Fry’s size, he is looking for a home with older children. We know that this not-so-small Fry is ready for his new family.

If you are interested in adopting Fry, please complete an application. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.