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Meet Leo!

On a cold day in March of 2014 a Good Samaritan stopped their car on the side of a highway and opened their side door. In jumped a scared, skinny and exhausted stray who was relieved to be away from the dangers of the highway. His rescuer didn’t know what this dog had been through or how long he had been out on his own, but she could tell he hadn’t been treated kindly. She brought him to the vet where she found he was only 8 months old, very underweight, but still sweet and affectionate with everyone he met. She decided to name this resilient soul a courageous name that would fit his spirit, and settled on “Leo.”

When Leo arrived at Adopt-A-Dog just a few days later he became an immediate staff favorite. Everyone was amazed by how smart he was and how fast he learned new things and we were sure he would be adopted quickly. No one could have predicted that six YEARS later, Leo would still be with us, now as our longest resident at the shelter.

Six years is a long and exhausting time for a shelter dog, but for Leo he has taken it all in stride. After all, our shelter may be the nicest place he has ever been able to call “home.” In his time with us he has remained a staff and volunteer favorite, aced his obedience training, and even gone on some adventures! He loves to swim, go for long car rides, and go jogging or hiking with a pal. He is very well behaved around other dogs but due to being undersocialized, Leo does best as the only pet.

This sweet, athletic, intelligent, handsome, incredible dog has been waiting so long for a home and no dog is more deserving, since Leo may never have had a place to call home in his whole life. Let’s make 2021 the year that he finally finds a soft place to lay his head and truly relax. 

If you want to be Leo’s angel and take him home today, please complete an ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE.