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It’s a common trend to compare our dogs to either ourselves, celebrities, or people we know. When it comes to Negan, it’s not too much of a stretch to conjure the image of a popular jock. If Negan were in high school, he would play about 4 sports and be great at all of them. To add to this mental image, Negan is a big guy who hasn’t realized that he’s not a puppy anymore (imagine a lot of tripping over his own paws in the yard). Negan is mostly dog, cat, and even bird-friendly and has a heart of pure gold. To his friends, both human and canine, Negan is overtly affectionate and sometimes slobbery in his attentions. Negan has been learning and excelling at our in-shelter training program since he arrived on our doorstep and has definitely disproved the “dumb jock” stereotype with his progress.

Negan is slower in building relationships with new people and would do best in a quiet home with responsible teenagers where there is structure. He can live with another dog; in fact, he would probably love that. For Negan's adoption, his future family would learn all of his training to help in his transition to a new home. Negan needs supervision around food and toys, and his adopter will learn all the skills needed to manage his behaviors. Due to his size and behavioral needs, we would prefer everyone in his future family to learn the training and manage Negan when he is at home and settled.

A perfect day for Negan would be to wake up and have a playdate with one of his friends, followed by a long car ride and followed by going to sleep in a cozy bed with a tasty bone waiting for him.

If you are interested in adopting Negan, please complete an application or call (914) 273-1674. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.