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"Have you seen how fast Radcliff can run after that tennis ball?!"-Ella

"He is only able to bring back two tennis balls at a time; I can do more!"-Diamond

"Yeah, but at least he is able to find the ball each time..."-Raven

There's no doubt about it, the kennel is buzzing with news of dog wonder, Radcliff! When he's out in the yard, he becomes a black and white blur that is unstoppable. Radcliff is smart, handsome and so excited to show all his skills to his new family. Radcliff is aptly named after the street where he was found by some Good Samaritans. His original family had left him there, and by a stroke of luck he was found. They brought Radcliff to Adopt-A-Dog in the hopes of finding him a home, and we are more than ready to do so. Everyone who has met Radcliff is impressed by his combination of energy and affection and is sure he will impress his forever family just as much. Radcliff has a bunch of his basic obedience down pat, and is more than able to pick up on any training set before him. He is quite energetic but having fetch be his favorite game makes it easy to tire him out (for a few hours at least!). Radcliff is a gem just waiting to be found by his new family!

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