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Picture this: You're hopping into the car, ready for a nice Sunday afternoon ride. You don't have a destination in mind but you do have a Roxie by your side and she is ready for wherever you guys go. A trip to the pet store for some snacks? That would be great! Going through the drive-thru to grab a burger and fries? Roxie won't complain. Itching to explore a new hiking trail? Roxie will be by your side.

Arguably one of the coolest-looking dogs at our shelter, Roxie is more than just beauty and brawn (she's got some pretty impressive shoulders). She's got the brains too, so outdoor activities and playtime are top of her list as well as learning new things in training. She's one of our top students in our advanced obedience program and isn't too shy when it comes to showing off just how far she's come. When Roxie first arrived at our shelter, her former family had never truly cared for her or let her be a real dog. She wasn't given toys, and food was more scarce than plentiful. We gave Roxie a chance to learn, explore and become herself. Now she needs a family of her own that will continue giving her the love, attention and comfort that she deserves. 

Roxie is part of our Diamonds in the Ruff program, which means that her future family would be getting a fantastic dog that already has the training and skills she needs to transition successfully into a home. Ask our Adoptions Team what being a Diamond in the Ruff dog means and how to adopt one!

If you are interested in adopting Roxie, please complete an ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.