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  • AGE:  4 Years Old
  • SEX:  Spayed Female
  • BREED: Cane Corso
  • WEIGHT: 105 lbs. 
  • SOURCE:  Owner Surrender 
  • DOG FRIENDLY:  Yes, with the right match!
  • CAT FRIENDLY: Can test if needed
  • AGES: High-School Aged 


The first thing you notice about Shuri is that she is one large dog; her size and stature convey a dog that could easily be found in a palace somewhere, regal as ever. The second thing you notice is while she is a large dog, her personality is one that is shy and sweet and almost doesn't match her body at all. Shuri is a gentle giant through and through and has so much love for everyone lucky enough to meet her.

Shuri loves to get outside and play, and will usually spend a large chunk of playtime on attempting to get more rubs from the people around her. She is a HUGE leaner and will position her body just so that you are able to give her all the attention. When not leaning or otherwise attempting to extract rubs and head scratches, Shuri is by your side, enjoying the day. She is mellow and calm, and would be an excellent addition to a family looking for a bigger dog. Shuri is truly a sweet girl, and so deserving of a home of her own.  


If you are interested in adopting Shuri, please complete an ONLINE APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE. Be sure to indicate the dog(s) you are interested in meeting in your application.