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Every dog that comes through our doors is unique, with their own story and personality, but Tina certainly takes the crown for one of the most interesting stories! She came to our shelter as a feral, heavily pregnant dog who was terrified of everything and everyone she saw. Tina has had an incredible journey with us and we know that she still needs that special family to take a chance on her. We think Tina is a Lab mix and she is 2 years old, and she's a medium-sized dog at 40 pounds. She is super dog-friendly and will benefit from a home with another dog or dogs as they help bolster her confidence. Please contact our Adoptions team to find out more about Tina! 

Tina came to us from one of our rescue partners in West Virginia who reached out to us in April of 2019 about a feral, heavily pregnant dog that had come in as a stray. Terrified out of her mind, the staff knew that they needed help with this dog, who was ready to give birth soon. Adopt-A-Dog stepped in and brought her back to the shelter. The next few months were spent helping this new mom take care of her puppies (although she did not need much help!), and then once all of her puppies were in foster and then adopted, we turned our focus to Tina.

In the last year and a half, we have been constantly amazed by Tina's progress. She had never experienced what we assume all dogs have done; walking on a leash, eating from a food bowl, being around people, all were foreign to her. What has aided Tina tremendously is the fact that she is so dog-friendly and tolerant. Tina thrives off the companionship and camaraderie of other dogs, and by being around them, she slowly started mimicking and picking up on things that they do. Her first friend at our shelter was Legend, and as roommates, he helped show her a thing or two about the best parts of being a dog and what to enjoy in life. Now she is roomies with Raven, who has shown Tina that snacks and toys are the ultimate prizes and that you have to make sure if you are not playing, you are snacking!

By no means has Tina completely transformed into what we would consider a normal dog, but she has certainly made strides towards something like it. The first time she rolled over and gave belly to our Shelter and Behavior Assistant Leslie, we all collectively smiled and gasped a bit! An ideal home for Tina would be one with a lot of patience and determination with at least one other dog, if not more. Tina is a shy dog and needs time to warm up to people, but she will be a friend for life once she gets to know you. She definitely needs a fenced-in yard as she is not the type to go out and come right back inside (baby steps!). We cannot wait to see what strides Tina continues to make, and we cannot wait to see what her future has in store.