Diamonds in the Ruff

Sometimes in our shelter, certain dogs do not find homes as quickly as their counterparts. We have seen it across all breed, age and health lines. The length of stay for these dogs is not indicative of their adoptability; rather it signifies that they may just be waiting for a certain type of family to open their hearts and homes to them. For the dogs at Adopt-A-Dog that have been with us for over a year, we have aptly named them our “Diamonds in the Ruff”. For any interested adopter in these dogs, we at Adopt-A-Dog want you to know several things:

1. Our Diamonds in the Ruff all require a behavioral consult with our trainer before going home, so you will be bringing home a canine companion equipped with more knowledge and insight than a typical adoption.

2. Many of our Diamonds in the Ruff have completed or are in the midst of completing obedience training suited to their specific needs with our Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator and our trainer on staff.

3. You will not find a more grateful new family member than one that has been a long-term shelter resident. Our Diamonds in the Ruff are our family, and we know they have endless love to give whomever brings them home!


Available for Adoption


All of the dogs below have been successfully adopted after taking part in our program!