Frequently Asked Questions about Fostering

How long can I foster for?

Every case is different depending on the type of animal you want to and are able to foster! Foster care for young puppies or kittens can range from a few weeks to a few months, and adult animals typically wait 2-3 months in foster care before finding a home. However, in some cases, it can take longer, so families should expect fostering an adult dog to be a longer commitment. We ask that any potential fosters let us know ahead of time of any outstanding travel or other commitments that would interfere with fostering so we can make arrangements while they are away.

Will I be provided with supplies for my foster animal?

All supplies needed for a foster will be provided by Adopt-A-Dog. This includes food, toys, crates, etc. However, if a family wants to buy supplies or provide additional materials to help the shelter it is greatly appreciated but not required.

Can I foster if I have a pet(s) at home?

Yes! Many under-socialized pets actually do better in foster homes with other animals. Pets owned by foster families must be up to date on vaccines and spayed or neutered. 

What do I do in the event that my foster animal is sick or becomes ill while in my care?

If your foster pet has an illness we will notify you prior to the start of fostering to make sure you are comfortable with their specific medical needs. If so, we will supply the medicine and it is the responsibility of the foster family to administer it as needed. If there is a medical emergency or if there are any question regarding an animal’s health the foster family should contact our Shelter Manager right away.

What if I can no longer foster?

If a foster family can no longer take care of their foster animal or they decide they no longer want to foster a particular pet, they must notify Adopt-A-Dog right away and the cat or dog will be returned to the Adopt-A-Dog animal shelter.