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Foster Program

The Adopt-A-Dog Foster Program is designed to provide temporary homes for dogs in need. While a dog is in foster, this allows an open space at the shelter to save another dog in need. The foster dog gets to experience a home environment where they can learn and showcase the skills they have been taught at Adopt-A-Dog. 

There are a few different types of fosters Adopt-A-Dog looks for.

  • Puppies
  • Adult
  • Senior
  • Medical

Thank you for wanting to foster! Becoming a foster for Adopt-A-Dog is a fantastic opportunity to give your time and care to a homeless animal in need. Our fosters help us with temporary homes for our youngest of dogs to our seniors and everyone in between. By providing a home and care for a foster dog, our fosters are provided with the supplies and support that they need to succeed and to keep fostering well into the future. Please be sure to read how we are proceeding with fostering during the current COVID-19 crisis before submitting an application.

Fostering & FAQ's During COVID-19 - Update

We would like to start off with thanking our community who have come together in this difficult time to help the dogs in our care. Rescues and shelters all over the country have received an amazing and overwhelming response from families who are looking to help an animal in need while they are quarantined at home. A dark time in our country has provided a great opportunity for shelter animals to take a shelter break and spend time in a home environment.

Even though we are closed to the public and running on a very small amount of staff on site we continue to send dogs into fosters and doing adoptions. We are doing so while following guidelines by the CDC. Our staff and the public’s safety are our top priorities. 

To the families who fostered, are fostering, or reached out to foster for us during these tough times we want to say thank you! Our community has been greatly affected by COVID-19 but even during this difficult period, the interest in helping the animals has not decreased. We want to take this time to update everyone on how the foster process is currently operating and answer a few questions.

Are we still accepting foster applications and sending dogs to foster?

Yes, we are accepting applications and actively sending dogs out to foster. We are prioritizing which dogs are available to foster due to some dogs needing more hands-on training to transition successfully into a home. Due to social distancing guidelines, this can be more difficult to do but we are changing our programs to help assist and provide behavior support to any of our fosters digitally.

How long can people expect to wait between submitting an application to foster and being contacted by our staff? 

Within a few days, you will receive an email from our Adoptions Coordinator introducing herself and acknowledging your application is in our foster bank.

How long can people expect to wait between submitting an application to foster and meeting their potential foster dog? 

By being added to our foster bank we will keep you in mind for any dogs in our care that are looking to go into a foster home. We are prioritizing “Unicorn Fosters”. Unicorn fosters are people that are very flexible and have the ability to be flexible with the dog they get matched with due to their unique situation. Some of these things that make them unicorns could be adult-only homes, no other animals, open to special needs dogs, open to senior dogs, and other aspects that could make it easier to fit many types of dogs into their home. Someone doesn’t have to fit all of these things listed to be considered a unicorn either; just one of these perks can open up the possibilities of a foster home for a dog.

How long am I expected to foster a dog for? 

Due to the current pandemic, we are asking for at least a week's commitment to your foster dog. Even during normal times our behavior team highly recommends a week-long foster to start if possible; giving your foster dog time to decompress and settle into their new environment. We love our overnight and weekend fosters but while we are short-staffed, facilitating these options is just not possible.

As a foster what will be provided to me? 

Fosters will receive all the needed supplies for their new foster dog. The supplies include a crate, bedding, water/food dishes, toys, treats, poop bags, and anything else needed for that specific dog. 

What is expected of me when I foster a dog from Adopt-A-Dog?

We ask our foster families to help us show off and market their temporary house guests to their family, friends, co-workers, etc. Social media is a great way to do this especially as we are in quarantine and in-person adoption events are not possible. We ask that our foster families are realistic with their expectations when it comes to the dog they are fostering. Dogs need time to adjust to their new surroundings and the foster families' schedule. Communication is key to the successful foster experience. We check in to make sure all is going well but foster families are expected to reach out if any questions or concerns arise. Helping with transportation to and from vet visits or adoption appointments at the shelter which are scheduled with our foster family’s personal schedules in mind. We try our best to make this the best experience so most importantly enjoy your foster!

What if there are no dogs suitable for my family available to foster? Why no puppies?

This is a great “problem” rescues and shelters are running into all over the country. With so many families currently quarantined in their homes, animal welfare groups are seeing the highest number of people wanting to foster animals ever in their time. Adopt-A-Dog is a small rescue that cares for 35-45 dogs at any given time. So if we currently don’t have puppies, for example, it is because the puppies we had have been adopted or already in foster waiting to be adopted. One part of our mission is to save unwanted and abandoned dogs. Dogs come into our care mostly from private owner surrenders and transport from larger high volume shelters. The need for a variety of fosters extends into our population of dogs, so while there may not be puppies or younger dogs available at the moment to foster we might still be in need of fosters that have other qualities such as not having other pets at home. We may not have a dog for you and your family to foster initially but being in our foster bank means that we will keep you updated and also send you other rescues and shelters in our coalition that could have a need for specific fosters more urgently

Foster To Adopt

It can be a big decision to adopt a dog and one that is made a little bit easier when you choose to foster to adopt! Fostering to adopt gives you the opportunity to have the dog you are interested in adopting in your home for a trial period, typically about a week, so that you can decide whether you would like to proceed with adopting them.


Fill out our adoptions questionnaire online and we will set up a time for you to come in and meet the dog or dogs that you are interested in adopting. In your appointment, we would discuss whether the dog or dogs that you are interested in are available for a foster to adopt.

If they are, we will set up a time for you to either pick them up or if you have another pet at home, we would bring them to your home to ensure they get along. We will bring all the supplies necessary for a foster such as food, crate, bedding, toys, bowls-the works!

Our Adoptions and Foster team would stay in touch with you while you are fostering to address any questions, concerns, and comments, and when you are nearing the end of your foster-to-adopt, we would set up a time for you to come in and adopt!

If for whatever reason while fostering to adopt you change your mind about the dog you are interested in, please let us know so we can either suggest a new dog or wait to see if a better match comes along. If you choose not to adopt while doing a foster to adopt, we will work with you to help find a better match next time. We would much rather a potential adopter be open with us about what they are looking for so that both the adopter and their new canine family member are in agreement!