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What is the adoption fee?

  • $375 for Adult Dogs
  • $495 for Puppies
  • $75 for Cats
  • $100 for Kittens

What is the adoption process?

The first step to adopting from Adopt-A-Dog is to find a friendly face (or faces!) on our website that you would like to meet. The next step is to fillĀ out an adoption application online or in person. After you fill out our application, you will be contacted by our Adoptions Coordinator to set up an appointment within 24-48 hours regarding the dog(s) you would like to meet. The preferred method of meeting our adoptable dogs is through appointment, but we will facilitate walk-ins whenever possible.

Are we open on weekends?

Yes! We are open everyday by appointment

Can we come see the dogs?

  • We want to be sure that we find the best match for you in your search to adopt a dog, and have specially trained staff to ensure this happens. If one of these staff is not available, we will obtain your contact information for them to schedule a day and time for you to come to the shelter.
  • Our shelter is not set up like a traditional shelter, and due to the way our buildings are structured, we do not have a walk-through adoptions area in our kennel. We like to speak with you first about the type of dog you are looking to adopt, and from there will bring dogs out for you to meet that may be the best fit.

Do we have cats?

We do not house cats at the shelter, however at times there may be cats being fostered that are available for adoption.

Do we have puppies?

The population of dogs we house is constantly changing, sometimes we do have puppies at the shelter.

What are our hours?

We are open everyday by appointment

Can I come play with the dogs?

We have many volunteer opportunities available to socialize and spend time with the dogs. If you are interested in this, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator.

I have items that I would like to donate; where do I bring them? Is there a particular time I should come by?

We always welcome donations to assist in the care of our dogs. Items can be brought to our shelter, located at 23 Cox Avenue, Armonk, NY 10504; we are open from 10am-4pm, so feel free to ring the doorbell when you arrive. If you come during hours when we are not open, we have 2 clearly marked donation bins outside our front gates.

How many dogs do you have?

Our population ranges from 35-40 dogs at any given time.

Where do the dogs come from?

We are a resource to the local community when rehoming a dog is necessary; we work with local municipal shelters as well as out of state shelters who need a place for their dogs to go when they reach maximum capacity at their shelters.