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Happy Tails

Click on a dog to read their Happy Tails story.

Some of our favorite “tails” here at Adopt-A-Dog are of our adopted animals in their new homes. We love nothing more than to see photos and videos of our Adopt-A-Dog alums enjoying the new lives that they deserve with their families! If you would like to submit any photos or videos of an adopted dog or cat from Adopt-A-Dog, please email us at either or We also love seeing our alums on social media, so if you have any posts to share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter please don’t hesitate to mention or tag us in the photos or videos! We share some of our Happy Tails each Monday, so keep an eye out for your pet to be featured.

Please use the hashtags “ #adoptadoginc” “#adoptadogshelter” and “#aadalum” so we can see your posts!

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