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Happy Tails



Hi Allyson & All:

Just a note to say Boo is doing just fine. She is a sassy one, and does not like her picture taken. Given that she is black, it makes for difficult photo opportunities to say the least. I tried to include a few of her in her favorite spots, outside my daughters room at the landing of the stairs to monitor the comings and goings of her favorite persons lair, her favorite window (Boo is on the left, Misty on the right) Boo under the kitchen barstool trying SO hard to safely engage Misty who struck a truce with her, and Boo on my daughters bed getting her rear scratched, a favorite past time. She chatters a lot and has quickly figured out how to herd us to feed her and open a window for her.

We all love her. However, because I tend to be the one that comes constantly with two dogs in tow, I have yet to hear her purr and I’m the only one she bites! Of course I don’t really mind….

Keep up all the kind work,