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Thunderstorm Tips

Thunderstorm Tips:

Thundershirts - Thundershirts help keep dogs calm during storms. About a year ago we had a dog named Daisy, who was afraid of thunderstorms. Whenever we knew a storm was coming, we would put her thundershirt on. The slight pressure of the thundershirt has a calming effect on dogs.

Safe Place - Give your dog a safe place. If your dog has a favorite place, make sure it is accessible during a storm. Often times a crate is a dog’s safe place. Put some extra bedding in there and a favorite toy to keep your furry friend distracted.

Reduce noise - Try to muffle the noise of the storm. Close all the doors, windows and blinds. Having the TV, air conditioner and even the fan on can help reduce the noise of the storm.
Medication. Severe cases may cause for anti-anxiety medication. Only use medication if prescribed by your vet.

Stay Calm - Dogs can sense their owners’ feelings, so it is important for you to stay calm. Your energy can reflect onto your pet. If they sense that you are nervous, that will make their anxiety worse. If you are calm, your pet may feel safer.

How to tell if your dog has storm phobia:

* Hiding
* Panting
* Shaking
* Trying to escape
* Pacing
* Drooling

We hope these tips help and your pets stay safe during the next week’s inclement weather.