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Pet-Proofing your Home

Pet-Proofing your Home

Getting ready for a dog or puppy should be just like getting ready for a baby. Dogs can get into a lot of things, which is why pet-proofing is just as important as baby-proofing your home.


* Be sure to keep a locked lid on your garbage can, your dog will find a way to knock it over and eat all the delicious leftover food.

* Keep all cleaning supplies in out-of-reach cabinets. Cleaning supplies can be toxic to your pets.

* Foods to keep away from your dog include: grapes, raisins, chocolate, avocados, onions and garlic, just to name a few.

Living areas:

* If you have a room with nice and/or expensive furniture, I would suggest keeping a puppy out of that room. Puppies will chew on anything they can get their mouths on, and unfortunately that sometimes includes the legs to your chairs, wall corners and table legs.

* Make sure your curtain strings are out of reach of your new puppy/dog. Your dog may think of them as a toy, messing up your curtains.

* Try to keep all electrical cords out of reach or hidden from your dog. You do not want your dog’s chewing on electrical wires.

* As you know, dogs have a strong sense of smell. Keep any shoes, socks and dirty laundry out of reach. They smell heavenly to your dog.

* Don’t leave any objects small enough to be a choking hazard out, i.e. coins, parts of children’s toys, paper clips.


* The bathroom can be full of dangerous objects.

* Make sure all medications and pills are securely in cabinets and out of reach of your dog. Certain medications can be lethal to your dog.

* Keep sharp objects out of reach and out of accessible trash cans.

Your house is now ready to bring home your new furry friend!