Coming to the Rescue since 1981

About Us

Adopt A Dog was founded in 1981 and our mission is to save, secure, socialize, and find loving homes for the most vulnerable, unwanted, and abandoned dogs. We firmly uphold this mission, putting in relentless efforts to ensure that every dog in need discovers a place of love and belonging. Our dedication serves as a testament to our core values, propelling us forward with determination and a profound sense of compassion. We embrace the transformative power of love, understanding, and patience to heal the wounds of these beautiful souls, enabling them to rediscover trust and hope.

Our History

We hold a vision close to our hearts—a vision of a community where every dog, regardless of their past, finds a warm and loving home. We tirelessly strive to make this vision a reality, one dog at a time. Join us in this remarkable journey, where dedication, compassion, love, understanding, and patience are the driving forces that transform lives and create a world where no dog is ever left behind.
Belgian malinois shepherd dog running in the water with a toy
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